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I also mentioned this to my doctor, but he wasn't at all concerned. I am planning on having another child in the future and I want to be even more vigilant about fetal distress.

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His have been few and far between and he is now turning 6 years old. It was very nice of you to take the time and connect me to these articles. it seems to be pretty rare, but I am guessing that it just isn't reported as much, maybe most pregnant mothers just write it off as the baby kicking, or like you maybe they tell the doctor and he writes it off as "hiccups".

These motions could well have been related to seizure activity I suppose. Those were the only links I could find but I'm glad you found them useful.

Thanks for bringing this up, I never would have remembered otherwise. Hi, My son was diagnost with epliepsy since birth and once I found out about that I had asked my doctor if it was possible that he was having seizures while in the womb.

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If you do find out more about this I too would like to know if there truly is some relationship between in utero motions and current seizure activity. wow...anyway here y'all I found some links about seizure activity in a fetus : This one may be the same article not sure : People just brush things off because it part of the "unknown" My son is doing ok but seems to have an episode every 18 months (probably during a growth spurt) but he's starting to realized what is happening to him which is hard for him to understand.

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