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that is the way we did it when i was at the treasury. recognize is that you will always have to have a system -- i am recognizing america as well -- or the revelatory authority -- regulatory authority and the regulators have to work together.

to put it on the more solid footing for the longer term, it is the best thing to do. otherwise it cannot do with the complexity of problems that arise.

we know they have had difficulty supplying those that are deeper into the konar as a result of our complementary operations on both sides of the border. in the south, while it is not a full-fledged operation there, on the pakistan side they are operating there.several questions focus on the british economy, a banking crisis, and foreign affairs. the first thing is that regulation has to beat -- remuneration as to the long term. that has to be a factor in regulation of the usual, you have been told of the things and have not been told the questions. that will be introduced by john the did the second -- john. it is only on the basis of long- term performance that we can guarantee the system that is to be being in the future. the financial authority will be issuing the revised issue on in the enumeration.he is recommending that bonuses and remuneration should be over a five-year period. the combination of what walker was recommending this morning, he talks about successes in the cities that have to be dealt with. the combination of walker and what the embassy is prepared to do, i think fundamentally the use of the mark of the bonuses that go -- they had reached half a million pounds for employees.

it came before the treasury and was issued at an aggressive trading day. it seems to hot -- it seems hard to pull the bank no. that is why it needs to be under the regulator system.british prime minister gordon brown enters a range of questions before the british house of commons liaison committee.

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