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Now you don't have to strain your neck and risk getting caught by your sexy neighbor.Gone are the days of boring holes in the wall and looking through peepholes.Continue reading "Survey Confirms People Pee in the Ocean"Posted by A. Anderson at AM| Comments (0) In the porn world seeing the acronym ATM and the word "sex" in the same sentence isn't weird at all. Continue reading "Virginity for Sale and the Upskirt Amendment"Posted by A. Anderson at AM| Comments (0) OK no, I'm not talking about getting a fake gun, dressing up in a tux, shaking (not stirring) martinis and hiding around the house with your lover.For those of you not up on your porn acronyms, ATM stands for "ass to mouth," which is used to describe sex that involves something going up an ass and then into that person's mouth (usually the person is a girl and usually the "something" is a cock). Sounds fun, but not the kind of spy games I'm about to talk about.

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Oh, we'll still talk about porn, but today's specialty will be all about what voyeur porn sites can make you feel like you're getting the most voyeurism for your dollar-ism. Continue reading "Why Today's Post Is A Voyeur Blog"Posted by Adam Strong at AM| Comments (0) Are you planning on visiting a tanning salon anytime soon?Continue reading "My Hidden Cams Will See All"Posted by Chris Parker at AM| Comments (0) I walking back to my place last night when I happened upon a really bizarre scene just a few blocks from my home.There was a young woman just kicking the crap out of some poor bastard right in the middle of the street.These kinds of shenanigans take place in a dressing room, tanning booth or sauna and only one of you knows the rules of play.

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You see, the hot chick isn't aware of the camera recording all of her nakedness.

These establishments operate like normal tanning salons, but they have spy cams that record every move that their clients make.